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IMA 40 Year Anniversary – What Can Art Institutions Do? Symposium IMA, Brisbane

During the last 40 years the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane has played a significant role in the development of the Brisbane and Queensland artist-runs. Special acknowledgement to IMA Director and artist Peter Cripps who played a key role in helping establish artist-runs in Brisbane during the years 1984-1987 and to IMA Director Nicholas Tsoutas.

As a part of this years celebrations the IMA has a tribute page for its vibrant history and is organising a series of conversations on the role, past, present and future of arts institutions including self-organised community based organisations like artist-runs.

What Can Art Institutions Do? Symposium

On Saturday July 11, 2015 freelance curator and independent arts practitioner Peter Anderson (pictured below) presented an overview of his current research for the proposed 2016 exhibition “Ephemeral Traces: Brisbane Artist- Run s” at the University of Queensland Art Museum.

Other members of the Remix cohort were in attendance and intrigued by the discussions about the role of the artist and artist collectives today in the global institutional setting when institutions roles are shifting and changing.

Peter Anderson spoke eloquently about the significant role that the Queensland Artworker’s Alliance role played since it’s inception in 1986 and until its recent demise in 2011, and identified a need and demand for an organisation like this today, one that can lobby effectively for the independent arts sector’s diverse small scale “infrastructural needs” in light of present day funding cuts by the government claiming excellence over small scale community and relational models like artist-runs. Artist-runs are still often tarred with the brush of “paddling pools’ for artists.

Courtney Pedersen (pictured above),  Head of Visual Arts in the Creative Industries at the Queensland University of Technology and co-director of the feminist artist collective, LEVEL spoke about the inspirational role of feminism, collaboration and relational models practice adopted by Australian artist-runs at the Symposium.

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