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Queensland Artist-Run Initiatives 1970-1980

“Minor transient documents of everyday life”

1957 to 1960

Add your own Australian Artist-Run Social Memory and archival images here – OPEN Call Out for Voluntary Contributions 2019

Add your own Australian Artist-Run Social Memory and archival images here – OPEN Call Out for Voluntary Contributions Welcome in 2020

ARI REMIX issue 1 the scene – https://issuu.com/ari-remix/docs/ari-remix-issue-1-the-scene-issuu

ARI Remix Living Archives and Social Memory Project – Friday 15 February 2019 Final Deadline Stage Two – Artist Participation Call Out and Reminder

ARI REMIX PROJECT NEW WORK GREENLIGHT [Not Postponed] – Reframing art ephemera creatively and politically through social memory – Artists adapting collectively in the spectre of COVID-19 safe spatial distancing & spatial isolation – Project One Stage Three – Arts Queensland Arts Investment Announcement and Open Call Out for Voluntary Social Memory Contributions March to November 2020

Artist Luke Roberts Postcard Series ‘From A to B and Back Again’ (Tar and Cement)

Australian ARIs & AIY – Archive It Yourself – It’s Easy thanks to Rhizome at the New Museum

Bjelke Blues – Book Launch – Friday, 23 August 2019 from 18:00-20:00 – Kurilpa Hall 174 Boundary St, West End 4101

Blair Athol Station + Remembering the Flying Arts School in Regional Queensland

Brisbane Video Access Centre, Video Feedback and 1970s stuff like that – Interview with Stephen Jones Artist, Writer, Curator & VJ

Changes – Forty Years of Art Practice – Exhibition Catalogue – Queensland College of Art (QCA) – Curator Dennis McCart


EastAus Art School

Flying Art School

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Metro Arts is turning 40 in 2020 and it’s on the move…

NAVA Industry Advisory Note: COVID-19 Response [Australia]

OPEN CALL OUT EOIs 5pm Friday April 12, 2019 – SOCIAL MEMORY CONTRIBUTIONS – ARI REMIX PROJECT 2019 -2021 – Australian ARIs, Collective Memories and Longer-Term Preservation Potential: 1980 to Now TBA Dec 2019 – July 2021

Pop Gallery – Changes: Forty Years of Art Practice – Wednesday 10 – Sunday 21 January 2018

Remembering artist, educator Barbara Moriarty + The EMU artist-run studio collaboration in 1979-1980 with artists Luke Roberts and Georgina Pope


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Stephen Jones

Trace of the Past – Why Ephemera Matters – Artist-Runs, Ephemera & Ephemeral Tracing – Fryer Library-led Discussion UQ

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