Cultural Advice: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that the ARI Remix Project contains images, voices or names of deceased persons in websites, photographs, film, audio recordings or printed materials.

(Re) Presenting | ARI Remix Artist’s Super 8mm Series – Queer Life Writing 1964 to NOW | Paul Andrew in collaboration with Susie Forster “Memento Vivere #1 (East Village People Remix) “

Re-staged as part of AXIS Wunderkammer #1, AXIS Wunderkammer # 2 and AXIS Wunderkammer #3 . This video art work was a super eight film to digital archival collaboration by video artist Paul Andrew with filmmaker and educator Susie Forster 2016 – 2018. Original Super 8 footage by Paul Andrew, East Village, NYC , 1988. The soundtrack for this video art work is an uber slowed down parody of the Village People song You Can’t Stop the Music (1980). Thank you East Village People for your artist-led activity, performance art, music and enduring queer temporalities in the digital space.








Axis Art Projects – BNE – NYC – 1988-2017 – Memento Vivere #1 ( East Village People Remix) AXIS Art Projects – Art eXtremists International Syndicate – An artist-run guerrilla art [street art]  project founded by artists Jay Younger, Paul Andrew, Lehan Ramsay (1987-1989) and thirty Australian artists directly engaged in the 1980-1990 Brisbane artist-run scene including the zine project ‘AXIS File – Sites of Dis-closure’  and a photocopy art exhibition collaboration exhibited at 2B Garage on Avenue B, outside the Guggenheim Museum NYC May- June 1988 and at Arch Lane Public Art (Artist-Run) Brisbane December 1988.

Video artist Paul Andrew in collaboration with filmmaker artist Susie Forster Artist’s statement Axis Art Projects – BNE – NYC – 1987-2017 – Memento Vivere #1 uses personal Super 8 archives filmmaking, photography, digital archival recovery and remix culture to consider profoundly personal and shared memories.



Arch Lane Review George Petelin 1988


This video art work was also included in the AXIS Wunderkammer # 3 installation work in collaboration with TRIPLA artist-run in Bologne Italy staged at the ‘Nature Strip’ exhibition curated by artist curator Erika Scott at the The Soylent Spot – A Brisbane Artist-Run Initiative One Night Event – Red Hill, Brisbane – Saturday July 28 2018.




Axis Art Projects – BNE – NYC – 1988-2017 – Memento Vivere #1 ( East Village People Remix) was staged at the 2016 BARI Festival,  AXIS Wunderkammer # 2 was staged as part of the Epicormia Collective ‘The Re-authoring Impulse’ exhibition Ballina NRCG 2017] and the AXIS Wunderkammer # 3 in collaboration with TRIPLA artist-run [ Bologne, Italy] was staged at ‘Nature Strip’ curated by artist curator Erika Scott, The Soylent Spot, The Soylent Spot [A Brisbane Artist-Run Initiative One Night Event – Red Hill, Brisbane ] on Saturday July 28 2018.



The Re-authoring Impulse – December at the NRCG

ossuary-as-architectureNorthern Rivers Community Gallery (NRCG) presents a group exhibition during December that is sure to both challenge and inspire!

The Epicormia Collective is a group of Northern Rivers artists that are inspired by the botanical term “epicormic” meaning new or adventitious growth from a dormant bud, or after trauma. Artists
throughout history grapple with ways and means of re-representing, re-imagining or re-authoring everydayness, dailiness, the quotidian. For these six artists the quotidian is equally a site of flux,
poetry, pain, beauty, abjection, opportunity and transformation.

The Epicormia Collective is an integrated artist-run group based in the Northern Rivers including members Julie Barratt, Julianne Zoviar Clunne, Marion Conrow, Jeremy Hawkes, Scott
Trevelyan and Paul Andrew.

Artists from the ‘Willowbank Studio’ in Alstonvale will also be presenting a body of works in their exhibition, A Decade of Catharsis as part of the Epicormia showcase. Since it’s official opening in
November 2006, ‘Willowbank Studio’ has hosted fortnightly workshops to people with ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) from the local community.

The works in this exhibition are by local artists with an ABI who have been attending Art Therapy workshops with Scott Trevelyan since ‘Willowbank Studio’ was established ten years ago.
The exhibitions open Wednesday 23 November and continue until Sunday 18 December 2016.

The official launch event is Thursday 24 November from 5.30pm – 7.30pm and all visitors are welcome to attend.
The Northern Rivers Community Gallery is located at 44 Cherry Street Ballina and is open Wednesday to Friday from 10am until 4pm and weekends from 9.30am until 2.30pm. For further
information contact the Gallery on telephone 02 6681 6167.