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(Re) Presenting | AXIS Wunderkammer #1 (New Museum Remix) | BARI Festival 2016 – AXIS Art Projects: Does New York Exist? BNE-NYC 1987-2016 by artist Paul Andrew

BARI Festival 2016 – AXIS Art Projects: Does New York Exist? BNE-NYC 1988-2016, AXIS Wunderkammer #1 (New Museum Remix)


Video documentation [excerpt] of installation work at 12 Helen Street, Teneriffe, Brisbane in collaboration with Axis Art Projects, Gus Eagleton and Brisbane Artist-Run Initiative Festival [BARI Festival 2016]. Artists in this short video include Shane Kniepp, Diane Heenan, Lyndall Milani, Jessica Astrid, Jac Bates, David Don, Paul Andrew and many artists involved in Brisbane ARIs in 2016 who plinged into the hopscotch inspired wall-piece.



What a joy to be invited to participate in this BARI Festival at 12 Helen Street Teneriffe, Brisbane 2016, alongside hundreds of local artists and ARIs, a true highlight in my memory. Special thanks to artists and ARI aficionados Jac Bates, David Don the 2016 BARI Festival organisers and street artist Gus Eagleton who kindly allowed me to situate this installation and video art series in this Brisbane street art context. AXIS Art Projects began in 1987 and was motivated by long term interest and involvement in Brisbane artist-run culture, street art and public. It feels good to know that Street Art has become an accepted part of the art canon.



A second AXIS Wunderkammer #2 was staged as a part of the Epicormia Collective’s The Re-authoring Impulse exhibition curated in 2017 and staged at the NRCG Ballina precinct.









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Epicormia Collective – The Re-Authoring Impulse (2014-2017)

The Epicormia Collective comprises six artists working in poetic ways directly or indirectly engaging with the botanical metaphor “epicormic”, i.e. new or strange re-growth after trauma.




Gus Eagleton is an Australian artist who possesses a diverse skill set, exploring figuration through studio work and contemporary mural painting


Brisbane Artist Run Initiatives (BARI) Festival

The Brisbane Artist Run Initiatives (BARIFestival is a biennial event that promotes and provides fresh creative platforms and audiences for Brisbane based ARIs (Artist Run Initiatives).