Cultural Advice: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that the ARI Remix Project contains images, voices or names of deceased persons in websites, photographs, film, audio recordings or printed materials.
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Remix Archives

Canaipa Mudlines Art + Ecology – Artist Residencies – 2018 – 2019

That Contemporary Art Space – Interior and Exterior Photos


God’s Tears Europa

Franz Ehmann “Insertion #3”

Hobiennale introduction Speech

Laura Hunt, live at Cinema One, Hobart, Hobiennale

BARI Festival 2016 – AXIS Art Projects: Does New York Exist? BNE-NYC 1988-2016

Yonder Warehouse Party

The Wandering Room is a Magical Place

Opening Night, 1986

Demolition Show, Performance Night, 1986

Demolition Show Party 1986

Parallel Park / Can You Keep Me Occupied

System Death performed by Geoffrey Schmidt at THAT Art Space in 1987

Well Hung – Tayla Haggarty at Metro Arts

Jaala Alex / After Shock

Exchange of Fluids (2016) Llewellyn Millhouse and Sarah Poulgrain at safARI 2016

Laura Burstow / Unsound

Laura Burstow at Outer Space

Aishla Manning / Soft Verges w. CLUTCH Collective

Dwelling: ARCHIE MOORE @ Accidentally Annie Street Space


AASS Space Odyssey 2009 (Performance Documentation)


Manning + O’Reilly Artists ‘Balloon Animals’ 2016

WONDROUS FAIR, Floor of the Forest


1980s Dance Party Mix

Ironing Board Dance #6

Technical Girls Collective – With Inertia – Directors Jasmine Hirst & Margie Medlin

Lost Footage Found Archives – Non Finito Series – AXIS Art Projects, 1988

Lost Footage Found Archives- Coronet Court 1986

AXIS Art Projects – The Super Eighties Archives – Does New York Exist?

zip at one flat

Cryptomnesia 2 (New) – Collaboration with Matt Mawson

Edvard’s Scream


A View to Spring

Matt Mawson Artist Archives ( Select Only)

That Contemporary Art Space – Interior and Exterior Photos

The Future Now

Art Wonder Stories

Art Walk

Art and Working Life- Art Works: A May Day Project (Brisbane, Qld) – 1989 Documentary

ARI Remix Vox Pop (Local Colour Remix) – Collaboration Jay Dea Lopez and Paul Andrew

Imagery Gallery – Doug & Ruby Spowart Archives

Richard Stringer Archives ( Select Only)

Dale Chapman Archive

David Holden Archive

Joanna Greenwood Archive

Versions Magazine

Works at the Crypt

Kenn BUSHBY Fashion Images

(Re) Presenting | ARI Remix Artist’s Super 8mm Series | “Everything You Wanted to Know About the Visual Arts…” Artworker’s Union QLD, Conference, 1984 – Short Film

EASTAUS – Art School – Newsletter

The Activities Centre, University of Queensland

The Billboard Project, Anna Zsoldos & Lehan Ramsay

That Space, Opening Exhibition, Review

John Mills National – Sally HART, Gavan FENELON, Nameer DAVIS, Kieran KNOX

John WALLER – The Great Australian Landscape Pt.1

Queensland Artworker’s Alliance (QAA) – Brian DOHERTY

A Room – Info Sheet

That Newsletter – May 1986

Blunt Focus Cinema Collective

Which art in heaven, work by 9 persons

Paintings by Jane WEGE

Ironing Board Dances – A Cantilevered Board Ballet in Dance 6 – Act One

CRUX – Little Alternatives

Hiram TO – Object

Brisbane Community Arts Centre Flyer

BIF – Brisbane Independent Filmmakers

Rebecca CHAPMAN and Jay YOUNGER – Clay and Photography

Union Street – Exhibition Kelvin Grove Campus

Thomas BURLESS “Instructions for constructing cardboard furniture”

Order By Numbers and The Closesthing – Tall Tales from the Altered State Poster

The Closesthing

Dog Fish Cat Bird

Truth Rules II – Socially Concerned Posters & Prints

Performance Week Photo Documentation – Curated by Michelle ANDRINGA and Virginia BARRATT

Performance Week – Interview with Michelle ANDRINGA and Virginia BARRATT

City For Sale – Wendy Rogers and Sue Ward

Tangled Shoelaces – Ocean’s Away

Fire Cult Rhythm – Stephen Stockwell

Silence – Wondrous Fair

Biggest Tallest a.k.a Tiny Town – Wondrous Fair

Pig City – Stephen Stockwell

The City Is Dead – Part 2 – Stephen Stockwell

The City Is Dead – Part 1 – Stephen Stockwell

Big Things – Stephen Stockwell and Paul Scott

Red Comb House – Hits – Part 2 – Stephen Stockwell

Red Comb House – Hits – Part 1- Stephen Stockwell

Son of TAG, Issue 5, Tropical Artists Guild (TAG) Cairns

Son of TAG, Issue 5, Tropical Artists Guild (TAG) Cairns

Son of TAG, Tropical Artists Guild (TAG) Cairns,

Son of TAG Zine, Issue 3, Tropical Artists Guild (TAG), Cairns

Dale Chapman Archives

Selective Histories, Lehan RAMSAY

Tropical Artists Guild (TAG) Cairns, QAA Newsletter

Anne JONES, Archives

Sheridan Kennedy, Venificus – Jewellery and Ritual

Son of TAG, Issue 6, Tropical Artists Guild (TAG) Cairns

This is That, Gladstone Regional Gallery and Museum

This Work Was

This Work Was

From The Margins

One Nite | That Space | Group Exhibition with artists Sally HART, Julia BELL, Maria FILIPPOW, Richard O’BRIEN


Jose Macalino Archives – Dada Do

Jose Macalino Artist Archives

Performance Week Catalogue

The Billboard Project – Curated by Lehan Ramsay and Anna Zsoldos

Brendan SMITH and Virginia BARRATT

Dada Do, Eyeline Magazine Launch Benefit

White Noise Dog

C3D/ SEETHREEDEE, “Horse” by artist Scott CLIFFORD

ZIP + Climbing Frame + O’Flate

Black Banana Poster Collective

Imagine That – Photographs

Imagine That – Invitation

Imagine That


Wondrous Fair

Malcolm ENRIGHT, Inseperables

Barbara HEATH, Noughts & Crosses


Performance Week

Townsville Expressions

Fleur Macdonald


Cane Toad Times – The 2nd Collective

Nameer DAVIS & George BALAJKA

4 Performances

Things Fall Apart, Exhibition by Philip DEAN

That Contemporary Art Space, Umrib ENVOY, Lush, Exhibition by Diena GEORGETTI & Hiram TO

Zip Eye Ear

Art Xtremists International Syndicate (AXIS), Simulacra(xis)

Art Xtremists International Syndicate (AXIS) – AXIS Art Projects

Art Xtremists International Syndicate (AXIS), The Sculpture Garden, 2B Gas Station

Art Xtremists International Syndicate (AXIS)

Art Xtremists International Syndicate (AXIS) , Sites of Dis-closure

Art Xtremists International Syndicate (AXIS)

Queensland Artworker’s Alliance, Calendar

Queensland Artworker’s Alliance, Labour Day

Queensland Artworker’s Alliance, Speakeasy

Artworker’s Union, Qld 1983-1986

Jumbo, SPAN

Jumbo, SPAN

John Mills National, Geoffrey Karl SCHMIDT and Diena GEORGETTI

John Mills National, Jose Macalino Performance, 1987

John Mills National, Artist Hiram TO, Drained – Compulsive Surveillance 1987

Michael Milburn Gallery, Growth, Steven GRAINGER

John Mills National Newsletter

John Mills National Newsletter

John Mills National Newsletter

John Mills National Newsletter

John Mills National Newsletter

John Mills National – Performance Season One

John Mills National Belles Lettres Invite

John Mills National – Belles Lettres

John Mills National Newsletter March April 1987

John Mills Annexe

John Mills National, Exterior Night

John Mills National, Distillation

John Mills National, Compulsive Surveillance, Hiram TO

John Mills National, Synthetic Memoreez, Performance Jose Macalino and colleagues

John Mills National – Belles Lettres

Arch Lane Public Art, Racheal Bruhn Exhibition

Arch Lane Public Art, Racheal Bruhn Exhibition

Arch Lane Public Art, Racheal Bruhn Exhibition

Arch Lane Public Art, Racheal Bruhn Exhibition

Arch Lane Public Art, Interior

Arch Lane Public Art

Bureau, Letter to Queensland Art Gallery

Bureau, Diena Georgetti, Almost Purely Fundamental

Bureau, Press Release

Bureau, Wayne Smith & John Stafford

Bureau, Jane Richens, SIN (Nude With Red Hair)

Bureau, What is [BUREAU] Art Space?

Bureau, Hip Deep – Video Art 1989

Bureau, Joseph O’Connor & Benjamin Paulsen – From Reduction to Amplification

Bureau, John Stafford- (P) ART (T) RAP

Bureau, Angelina Martinez, Works On Paper 1988

Bureau, Diena Georgetti, Ravi Sidhu, Mark Zervoudakis

Bureau, 60 Second Landscapes, Travel Posters, Decorative Cakes

Work In Progress

Works In Progress

Works In Progress

Works In Progress

2d Design

The Woolstores

Talk It Down

Talk It Down

Talk It Down

Talk It Down

Talk It Down

Talk It Down

Hollie and Phyllis Woolcock

Call for proposals, QAA


John Stafford


Sally Hart, Bitumen River Gallery

Brian Doherty and Lehan Ramsay, Bitumen River Gallery

Virginia Barratt & Adam Boyd

Fluba Troupe

Queensland Artworker’s Alliance

Michael Eather

A Monochrome Set

Video Documentation, Synthetic Memoreez

Synthetic Memoreez, Jose Macalino

No Names


That Contemporary Art Space, Sex/Object, Exhibition by Martyn Sommer, Angelina Martinez, Paul Andrew



Sheridan Kennedy

View To Spring

Dance Party Number 7

That Contemporary Art Space, Tiny Town, Vince LONG, David GOFTON, David GORTON, Peter FALCONER

A Monochrome Set

Mark Foys Installation


Union Street, Gary Warner and Adam Wolter

The Closesthing Poster

John Waller

Angelina Martinez

Russell Lake

Performance Week, Curators Michelle ANDRINGA & Virginia BARRATT

Ultraviolet Experience Opening Night

Ultraviolet Experience

The Shared Camera

The Shared Camera

Ken Hiratsuka

Official Art

The Shared Camera

The Bloodless Murder

The Observatory Collective

One Night

That Newsletter

That Contemporary Artspace

The Fate of Trees

One Flat – George Street Branch

The Campfire Room

Bell Tower

F.Art – Gallery Two

Peter Anderson | F.Art | Art Zine contributor, artist book, artist self-publishing

John Mills Hangs Three

Anywhere, Bitumen River Gallery

This is our music


Little Alternatives

Zoe on William

Occlusion, A Satellite Exhibition – The Observatory Collective

Demolition Show

Arch Lane Public Art

Art Empire Industry

Queensland Artworker’s Alliance (QAA)

Dale Chapman

John Mills National Newsletter

Suspending Belief

Demolition Show


Jose Macalino Performance with Steven Grainger

Boyd, Lake, Hurst

AXIS Art Projects, Pride, Christopher Street Parade

One Night Exhibition

Around The World Your Own Way

Wondrous Fair

Artists Jenny Chirnside and Anna Zsoldos

Dale Chapman

Art Xtremists International Syndicate (AXIS)

Fine Fragments

That Space, Artist’s Page, Eyeline

Outside Art Catalogue 1986

Post-Jug Apple Banana ism

Artist Racheal Bruhn and colleagues Hollie and Shane Kneipp

Local Colour

Mark Foys Department Store Window

Talk It Down

Painting Exhibition, Maria Filippow

Fine Fragments, CLOUT

Second Nature, Exhibition by Dale Chapman, Invite

A Night On The Tiles

Opening Night, A Monochrome Set, 1987

“Everything You Wanted To Know About The Visual Arts But Couldn’t Find Out…” Artworker’s Union Conference, October 27-28, 1984

Little Roma Street, Laneway, Brisbane, 1986

Jewel Palace Designs

Pope Alice Encounters

Jewel Palace

One Flat/O’flate/O’flission

John Mills National

Arch Lane Public Art – MULTIPLE

Breathing Concrete

Blind By Choice


Black Banana Poster Collective, MOVING OUT? OR KICKED OUT? 1987

CRUX, Little Alternatives, Exhibition Invite

EMU, Emu Park Beach, Invite

Flowing Frock Party, Red Hill featuring Anthony Patterson

Know Job (1989- 2017)

Flame Tree (1997-98)

Resistance Today (1987)

Chris de Bonaffin and Simon Reptile, 45’s, 1983

Geoffrey, 1984 – Jasmine Hirst

Self Portrait, Jasmine Hirst

Shorts:colour (1982)

John Mills National, Newsletter, March 1987

Barratt and Boyd

Union Street

Paintings, Deborah Singleton and Debra Dawes, Union Street Gallery Newsletter

Models of Pleasure, Merilyn Fairskye

Jeff Gibson, Posters and Drawings, Union Street Gallery

Produce Art, Red Comb House, 1982



Jungles (1986)


We All Know (1984)

One Ddub (1984)

Letter from artist Dianne Heenan, A Room Collective Member, 1985

A Room, Opening Poster