EASTAUS – Art School – Newsletter

The Activities Centre, University of Queensland

The Billboard Project, Anna Zsoldos & Lehan Ramsay

Blunt Focus Cinema Collective

Ironing Board Dances – A Cantilevered Board Ballet in Dance 6 – Act One

CRUX – Little Alternatives

Brisbane Community Arts Centre Flyer

BIF – Brisbane Independent Filmmakers

Rebecca CHAPMAN and Jay YOUNGER – Clay and Photography

Thomas BURLESS “Instructions for constructing cardboard furniture”

Son of TAG, Issue 5, Tropical Artists Guild (TAG) Cairns

Son of TAG, Issue 5, Tropical Artists Guild (TAG) Cairns

Son of TAG, Tropical Artists Guild (TAG) Cairns,

Tropical Artists Guild (TAG) Cairns, QAA Newsletter

Son of TAG, Issue 6, Tropical Artists Guild (TAG) Cairns

This is That, Gladstone Regional Gallery and Museum

This Work Was

This Work Was

The Billboard Project – Curated by Lehan Ramsay and Anna Zsoldos

White Noise Dog

C3D/ SEETHREEDEE, “Horse” by artist Scott CLIFFORD


Wondrous Fair

Malcolm ENRIGHT, Inseperables


Cane Toad Times – The 2nd Collective

Art Xtremists International Syndicate (AXIS), Simulacra(xis)

Art Xtremists International Syndicate (AXIS) – AXIS Art Projects

Art Xtremists International Syndicate (AXIS), The Sculpture Garden, 2B Gas Station

Art Xtremists International Syndicate (AXIS)

Art Xtremists International Syndicate (AXIS) , Sites of Dis-closure

Art Xtremists International Syndicate (AXIS)

John Mills National Newsletter

John Mills National Newsletter

John Mills National – Belles Lettres


Sally Hart, Bitumen River Gallery

Brian Doherty and Lehan Ramsay, Bitumen River Gallery

Performance Week, Curators Michelle ANDRINGA & Virginia BARRATT

Ultraviolet Experience Opening Night

Ultraviolet Experience

One Flat – George Street Branch

Bell Tower

F.Art – Gallery Two

Peter Anderson

John Mills Hangs Three

Anywhere, Bitumen River Gallery

Occlusion, A Satellite Exhibition – The Observatory Collective

Demolition Show

Art Empire Industry

John Mills National Newsletter

Suspending Belief

Demolition Show

That Space, Artist’s Page, Eyeline

Outside Art Catalogue 1986

Artist Racheal Bruhn and colleagues Hollie and Shane Kneipp

Local Colour

Mark Foys Department Store Window

Arch Lane Public Art – MULTIPLE

Breathing Concrete


CRUX, Little Alternatives, Exhibition Invite

A Room, Opening Poster