Trance Plant

God’s Tears Europa

Franz Ehmann “Insertion #3”

Hobiennale introduction Speech

ARI Remix Vox Pop (Local Colour Remix) – Collaboration Jay Dea Lopez and Paul Andrew

The Billboard Project, Anna Zsoldos & Lehan Ramsay

John Mills National – Sally HART, Gavan FENELON, Nameer DAVIS, Kieran KNOX

CRUX – Little Alternatives

Brisbane Community Arts Centre Flyer

Order By Numbers and The Closesthing – Tall Tales from the Altered State Poster

The Closesthing

Performance Week Photo Documentation – Curated by Michelle ANDRINGA and Virginia BARRATT

Performance Week – Interview with Michelle ANDRINGA and Virginia BARRATT

Selective Histories, Lehan RAMSAY

Anne JONES, Archives

Sheridan Kennedy, Venificus – Jewellery and Ritual

From The Margins


Jose Macalino Archives – Dada Do

Jose Macalino Artist Archives

Performance Week Catalogue

The Billboard Project – Curated by Lehan Ramsay and Anna Zsoldos

Brendan SMITH and Virginia BARRATT

Dada Do, Eyeline Magazine Launch Benefit

ZIP + Climbing Frame + O’Flate

Black Banana Poster Collective

Imagine That – Photographs

Imagine That – Invitation

Imagine That


Performance Week

Cane Toad Times – The 2nd Collective

Nameer DAVIS & George BALAJKA

4 Performances

John Mills National, Geoffrey Karl SCHMIDT and Diena GEORGETTI

John Mills National, Jose Macalino Performance, 1987

John Mills National, Artist Hiram TO, Drained – Compulsive Surveillance 1987

Michael Milburn Gallery, Growth, Steven GRAINGER

John Mills National Newsletter

John Mills National Newsletter

John Mills National Newsletter

John Mills National Newsletter

John Mills National Newsletter

John Mills National – Performance Season One

John Mills National Newsletter March April 1987

John Mills National, Exterior Night

John Mills National, Distillation

John Mills National, Synthetic Memoreez

Bureau, Jane Richens, SIN (Nude With Red Hair)

Bureau, What is [BUREAU] Art Space?

Bureau, Joseph O’Connor & Benjamin Paulsen – From Reduction to Amplification

Bureau, John Stafford- (P) ART (T) RAP

Bureau, Diena Georgetti, Ravi Sidhu, Mark Zervoudakis

Talk It Down

Talk It Down

Talk It Down

Talk It Down

Talk It Down

Talk It Down

Virginia Barratt & Adam Boyd

Video Documentation, Synthetic Memoreez

Synthetic Memoreez, Jose Macalino


Sheridan Kennedy

View To Spring

The Closesthing Poster

Performance Week, Curators Michelle ANDRINGA & Virginia BARRATT

Ken Hiratsuka

One Flat – George Street Branch

Zoe on William

Demolition Show

Demolition Show


Jose Macalino Performance with Steven Grainger

Fine Fragments

Talk It Down

Fine Fragments, CLOUT

Little Roma Street, Laneway, Brisbane, 1986

Pope Alice Encounters

CRUX, Little Alternatives, Exhibition Invite

EMU, Emu Park Beach, Invite

Flowing Frock Party, Red Hill featuring Anthony Patterson

Know Job (1990)

Flame Tree (1997-98)

Chris de Bonaffin and Simon Reptile, 45’s, 1983

John Mills National, Newsletter, March 1987

Barratt and Boyd

Produce Art, Red Comb House, 1982



Jungles (1986)