Art Wonder Stories

Imagery Gallery – Doug & Ruby Spowart Archives

Richard Stringer Archives ( Select Only)

David Holden Archive

Joanna Greenwood Archive

Works at the Crypt

Kenn BUSHBY Fashion Images

The Activities Centre, University of Queensland

The Billboard Project, Anna Zsoldos & Lehan Ramsay

John WALLER – The Great Australian Landscape Pt.1

Paintings by Jane WEGE

Ironing Board Dances – A Cantilevered Board Ballet in Dance 6 – Act One

Hiram TO – Object

Dale Chapman Archives

Selective Histories, Lehan RAMSAY

Anne JONES, Archives

Sheridan Kennedy, Venificus – Jewellery and Ritual


Jose Macalino Archives – Dada Do

Jose Macalino Artist Archives

The Billboard Project – Curated by Lehan Ramsay and Anna Zsoldos

Brendan SMITH and Virginia BARRATT


Barbara HEATH, Noughts & Crosses

That Contemporary Art Space, Umrib ENVOY, Lush, Exhibition by Diena GEORGETTI & Hiram TO

Art Xtremists International Syndicate (AXIS), The Sculpture Garden, 2B Gas Station

John Mills National, Geoffrey Karl SCHMIDT and Diena GEORGETTI

John Mills National, Jose Macalino Performance, 1987

John Mills National, Compulsive Surveillance, Hiram TO

John Mills National, Synthetic Memoreez

Arch Lane Public Art, Racheal Bruhn Exhibition

Arch Lane Public Art, Racheal Bruhn Exhibition

Arch Lane Public Art, Racheal Bruhn Exhibition

Arch Lane Public Art, Racheal Bruhn Exhibition

Arch Lane Public Art, Interior

Arch Lane Public Art

Work In Progress

Works In Progress

Works In Progress

Works In Progress

Hollie and Phyllis Woolcock


Sally Hart, Bitumen River Gallery

Brian Doherty and Lehan Ramsay, Bitumen River Gallery

Virginia Barratt & Adam Boyd

Queensland Artworker’s Alliance

Michael Eather

Video Documentation, Synthetic Memoreez

Synthetic Memoreez, Jose Macalino

That Contemporary Art Space, Sex/Object, Exhibition by Martyn Sommer, Angelina Martinez, Paul Andrew



Sheridan Kennedy

View To Spring

That Contemporary Art Space, Tiny Town, Vince LONG, David GOFTON, David GORTON, Peter FALCONER

A Monochrome Set

Mark Foys Installation

John Waller

Ultraviolet Experience Opening Night

The Shared Camera

The Shared Camera

The Shared Camera

That Contemporary Artspace

One Flat – George Street Branch

Bell Tower

This is our music

Zoe on William

Occlusion, A Satellite Exhibition – The Observatory Collective

Dale Chapman

Suspending Belief

Jose Macalino Performance with Steven Grainger

AXIS Art Projects, Pride, Christopher Street Parade

Geoffrey, 1984 – Jasmine Hirst