Video Art

Cryptomnesia 2 (New) – Collaboration with Matt Mawson

Trance Plant

Opening Night, 1986

Manning + O’Reilly Artists ‘Balloon Animals’ 2016

Resistance Today (1987)

Laura Burstow at Outer Space

BARI Festival 2016 – AXIS Art Projects: Does New York Exist? BNE-NYC 1988-2016

“Everything You Wanted to Know About the Visual Arts…” Artworker’s Union QLD, Conference, 1984 – Short Film

Art and Working Life- Art Works: A May Day Project (Brisbane, Qld) – 1989 Documentary

Edvard’s Scream

We All Know (1984)

Dwelling: ARCHIE MOORE @ Accidentally Annie Street Space

Big Things – Stephen Stockwell and Paul Scott


Red Comb House – Hits – Part 2 – Stephen Stockwell

Silence – Wondrous Fair

Biggest Tallest a.k.a Tiny Town – Wondrous Fair

The City Is Dead – Part 1 – Stephen Stockwell

The Wandering Room is a Magical Place

AASS Space Odyssey 2009 (Performance Documentation)

One Ddub (1984)

The Closesthing

Pig City – Stephen Stockwell

Know Job (1990)

WONDROUS FAIR, Floor of the Forest

Fire Cult Rhythm – Stephen Stockwell

zip at one flat

Lost Footage Found Archives – Non Finito Series – AXIS Art Projects, 1988


A View to Spring

AXIS Art Projects – The Super Eighties Archives – Does New York Exist?

1980s Dance Party Mix

Wondrous Fair

Tangled Shoelaces – Ocean’s Away

Lost Footage Found Archives- Coronet Court 1986

ARI Remix Vox Pop (Local Colour Remix) – Collaboration Jay Dea Lopez and Paul Andrew

Shorts:colour (1982)

Demolition Show, Performance Night, 1986

Technical Girls Collective – With Inertia – Directors Jasmine Hirst & Margie Medlin

God’s Tears Europa

The City Is Dead – Part 2 – Stephen Stockwell

Jungles (1986)

Exchange of Fluids (2016) Llewellyn Millhouse and Sarah Poulgrain at safARI 2016

Jaala Alex / After Shock

Dog Fish Cat Bird

Yonder Warehouse Party

Franz Ehmann “Insertion #3”

Laura Hunt, live at Cinema One, Hobart, Hobiennale

Hobiennale introduction Speech

Aishla Manning / Soft Verges w. CLUTCH Collective

Red Comb House – Hits – Part 1- Stephen Stockwell

Ironing Board Dance #6

City For Sale – Wendy Rogers and Sue Ward