Video Art

ARI Remix Vox Pop (Local Colour Remix) – Collaboration Jay Dea Lopez and Paul Andrew

zip at one flat

WONDROUS FAIR, Floor of the Forest

The Wandering Room is a Magical Place

Lost Footage Found Archives- Coronet Court 1986

Red Comb House – Hits – Part 2 – Stephen Stockwell

God’s Tears Europa

Edvard’s Scream


The City Is Dead – Part 2 – Stephen Stockwell

AXIS Art Projects – The Super Eighties Archives – Does New York Exist?

Pig City – Stephen Stockwell

Laura Hunt, live at Cinema One, Hobart, Hobiennale

Know Job (1990)

Franz Ehmann “Insertion #3”

One Ddub (1984)


Cryptomnesia 2 (New) – Collaboration with Matt Mawson

Tangled Shoelaces – Ocean’s Away

Fire Cult Rhythm – Stephen Stockwell

Jaala Alex / After Shock

Exchange of Fluids (2016) Llewellyn Millhouse and Sarah Poulgrain at safARI 2016

The Closesthing

Hobiennale introduction Speech

“Everything You Wanted to Know About the Visual Arts…” Artworker’s Union QLD, Conference, 1984 – Short Film

Opening Night, 1986

Jungles (1986)

Silence – Wondrous Fair

Laura Burstow at Outer Space

City For Sale – Wendy Rogers and Sue Ward

1980s Dance Party Mix

Manning + O’Reilly Artists ‘Balloon Animals’ 2016

Big Things – Stephen Stockwell and Paul Scott

The City Is Dead – Part 1 – Stephen Stockwell

Yonder Warehouse Party

Shorts:colour (1982)

Biggest Tallest a.k.a Tiny Town – Wondrous Fair

Technical Girls Collective – With Inertia – Directors Jasmine Hirst & Margie Medlin

Aishla Manning / Soft Verges w. CLUTCH Collective

Demolition Show, Performance Night, 1986

AASS Space Odyssey 2009 (Performance Documentation)

Art and Working Life- Art Works: A May Day Project (Brisbane, Qld) – 1989 Documentary

Lost Footage Found Archives – Non Finito Series – AXIS Art Projects, 1988

Dog Fish Cat Bird

Wondrous Fair

Resistance Today (1987)

We All Know (1984)

Ironing Board Dance #6

A View to Spring

Trance Plant

BARI Festival 2016 – AXIS Art Projects: Does New York Exist? BNE-NYC 1988-2016

Dwelling: ARCHIE MOORE @ Accidentally Annie Street Space

Red Comb House – Hits – Part 1- Stephen Stockwell