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(Re)Presenting 2022 – 2024 | ARI REMIX Presents The EXTRA Zine Project feat. A New ARI Zine ANTHOLOGY | Examples of preliminary memory work in progress

…In its most literal sense, the word zine is short for “magazine”. At its core, however, the zine is much more than some reduced version of another format. Since the beginning of the 20th century, these publications have powered creative movements, divergent ideas, and artistic expression all around the world. Today, we know the zine as an independent, self-published print format that communicates a unique point of view on specific topics that fall outside the mainstream….

[ by Ciera Holzenthal, March 2, 2021 ]

Ciera Holzenthal


A new ARI Zine Anthology 1970 to Now

The ARI Remix Presents: the EXTRA Zine Project builds out of past, recent and emergent zine and zine making practices including;


Art Zine | ARI REMIX issue 1 the scene –



Keep an eye out for new creative developments on and here in 2022-2024:


Image [Header] : Poster of BRAT, a girl ravers benefit for CAT TV. The poster is a black and white photocopy. Two tuffy European heritage women are centre shot, dressed in black, both standing leaning forward starring down the camera, defiant, giving the finger to the camera. “BRAT” is written in large font  down the side of the poster with the acts and dj’s written on the sides.