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Resolution-19 | Glen Schenau – Dumb Dumb ARI – 6pm Saturday 17 October 2020

by Glen Schenau
Resolution-19 marks our final dumb dumb exhibition, featuring one of our dumbest.
h i m
‘This show will mark my first ever solo exhibition, gonna be showing stuff from as far back as 2017 up till the day of the show probably… all kinds of works, different styles emerge and develop as we get closer and closer. Cough cough. All welcome please. ‘
s e l f
‘dj for the dole selecting,
maybe something performative…
oh and maybe try say the ‘kareoke’ word five times in the heidelburg bathroom mirror – otherwise there is a gig at east brisbane bowls concurrent..’
As per the current covid-19 restrictions, we will be limiting capacity to 30 people at a time. Please be respectful of the space and the people who occupy it.
Beer and wine will be available from the cash bar.