Rogue Syntax


A new audio documentary by:
Nathan Gray,
Danni Zuvela
& Makiko Yamamoto,
with Rikke Bundgaard-Nielsen.

First episode airs:
January 2021.

Presented by:
Liquid Architecture (Melbourne)
& 1646 (The Hague).
Supported by:
The Australia Council for the Arts
& City of Melbourne.



Rogue Syntax: Primer
Nathan Gray, Makiko Yamamoto
Rogue Syntax: Primer is a new primer podcast exploring speech and language by artists Nathan Gray, Makiko Yamamoto and Danni Zuvela, in conversation with linguist Dr. Rikke Bundgaard-Nielsen, and others.
Episode One: Between The Ear and the Mouth
“The best things we have of ours by far are the things that are the results of our intelligence together.” — Robert Ashley
ROGUE SYNTAX: PRIMER is a periodically-released, longform experimental audio project exploring the dynamics of language within the space of contemporary art and experimental music.
Episode 1: Between the Ear and the Mouth offers listeners a high-end undercoat of linguistic basics, upon which successive Rogue Syntax layers will be built. Linguistic facts are leavened by multilingual examples; speech experiments, vocal antics; lecture performances; sound poetry, ghost stories; 1960s West German experimental radio; Chinese Tang dynasty poetry; language games; and parsing of one very dumb sentence.
Featuring interviews with Yan Xing; Lothar von Falkenhausen; Ewa Polska; and Venla Helenius.
Linguistic philosophy and framing drawn from Ferdinand de Saussure; Noam Chomsky; Gilles Deleuze; Karen Emory; Diana Deutsch; Guy Deutscher; Lev Vygotsky; Russell Hurlburt; Ray Jackendoff; Stewart Lee and Dan Brown.
With inspiration from and reference to the audio works of Graham Lambkin; Felicia Atkinson; Gabi Losoncy; DeForrest Brown Jr.; Current 93; MP Hopkins; Luci Lippard; Mauricio Kagel; John Cage; Robert Wilson; Spalding Gray; Chris Marker; Adam Curtis; Hito Steyerl; Fred Moten; Lawrence Abu Hamdan; Rana Hamadeh; Nora Turato; Erik Bünger; Nina Simone, Henri Chopin; M.R. James and Brion Gysin.
Project DNA extracted from Robert Ashley and Laurie Anderson.
A project by Nathan Gray, Makiko Yamamoto & Danni Zuvela, with linguist Rikke Bundegaard-Nielson, supported by Liquid Architecture (Melbourne), 1646 (The Hague) and Australia Council for the Arts.
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