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RUPTURE – Linda Dement, Virginia Barratt & Jessie Boylan

RUPTURE is a collaborative project between 3 artists and a psychotherapist.




The first iteration of RUPTURE was installed at Bendigo Art Gallery as a deep immersion sound and video-scape, exploring the co-relations between embodied anxiety and the slow emergences that we all live with-in in the time of late capitalism. the work is affective, resonant and mesmerising.






i am becoming the everything, vibrating in neverending expansion and collapse. i am the star and the star is me. i am a million million points of light above and below. i hold the cosmos in my terrified heart and it explodes all over my body. i am fallingflying up into the neverwhere, the elsewhen, and it is blowing my mind.




Rupture is an immersive trans-media installation and performance investigating the ways in which the body and the world mimic each other in modes of panic and crisis. Through a performance of vocalities and gestures sited within a multi-channel video and sound installation, this work interprets how symptoms of environmental and human ‘disorder’ can be seen as an appropriate response to personal traumas and global catastrophe.




In our current age of anxiety; global politics, ecological devastation, insecurity and instability pervade our daily lives; we are constantly faced with present and imminent environmental and psychological ‘rupture’. These ruptures reveal a human moment beneath the machinations of catastrophic late capitalism doing its work. By considering this human panic as both urgency and agency, can we begin to develop ways of engaging with, and exiting from, catastrophe?




This work is part of the Big Anxiety Festival running in Sydney from 27th September – 9th November 2019.




RUPTURE is generously supported by the Creative Practice Lab, School of the Arts and Media, UNSW

and by Creative Partnerships through the Australian Cultural Fund.

RUPTURE would like to thank the following people for their generous support of the project:

The CPL Lab team: Su Goldfish, Mark Mitchell, Paul Matthews, Gordon Rymer, Elizabeth Chua, Tom Hogan
Choreographic consultant: Ben Roberts
Donors: Amanda Calder, Hilary Tyler, Rosslyn Prosser, Cassandra Arnold, Merilyn Fairskye, Ruth Maddison, Kate Power, Tom Goldner, Ray Harris, Jaime Tsai, Gala Vanting, Lyndal Irons, Emma King, Thao Phan, Amira Hajar, Ari Henry, Jason Sweeney and Girl.

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