Soft Space

Soft space is an artist run initiative which aims to promote and connect contemporary artists that engage with the body and identity politics. Functioning as a digital residency and exhibition program, soft space is interested in creating an expanded network of artists in which to foster critical discourse surrounding gender studies, sexuality, cultural identity and expanded understandings of the corporeal within contemporary studio practice.

The softspace digital residency program is organised into thematic cycles in which participating artists are curated surrounding shared research methodologies or subjects of interest. Digital residencies are facilitated as one or two week takeovers of the @softspaceari instagram account. During this time, digital residents are asked to share their work, studio experiments, influences, and research with like-minded creative practitioners as a means of generating self-reflection, critical debate, knowledge sharing and networking. It is through this platform that softspace hopes to encourages tangible connections between kindred artists from which new knowledge and future projects may develop.