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Student Union Cultural Activities in the 1980s – A Collective Memoir – Dianne Heenan

I started writing about Activities from my own memory but soon realized that I needed connection with other people from that time.


Working in Activities really was a collective experience, it wasn’t something that you did on your own. An online collective memoir using Facebook grew out of that. I immediately found myself surrounded by people who wanted to tell the story with me and to whom I express my gratitude.


This is a collective memoir of the Cultural Activities Centre run by the University of Queensland Student Union in the early 1980s…


Dianne Heenan


Read the full account here:


Designer: Brian Doherty

Photo Credit: Activities UQ Mural by artist Fiona MacDonald depicting Activities Co-ordinators Dianne Heenan and Peter Lewis. Photographer: Dianne Heenan

We gratefully acknowledge the kind and generous contributions to this collective memoir by artists including Dianne Heenan, Danielle Bond, Brian Doherty, Matt Mawson, John Willsteed, Peter Lewis, Adrian Buzolic, John Caskey, Urszula Szulakwska, Anna O’Connor, Patrice Blur and many others.

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