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AXIS DOES GLOBAL, Postcard, 1988, AXIS ART PROJECTS, Designed by artist Adam Wolter

AXIS DOES GLOBAL, Postcard, 1988, AXIS ART PROJECTS, Designed by artist Adam Wolter




Welcome to the ARI REMIX PROJECT: Living Archives, Artist-Runs Past Present Future, peers, friends and supporters page. Living Archives like this one are contesting, upcycling and changing the old world of archives as we know them. We believe that Living Archives like this one can make the knowledge base of arts and culture more diverse, more inclusive, more participatory, more performative and more nuanced.


As you may know by now a project on this scale is only made possible by the in-kind support of so many artists and co- creatives. We are asking for your support now by way of a modest donation to help us sustain, maintain and manage ongoing expenses of  hosting and sharing this project, via the project’s paypal account


While we are immensely grateful for the modest seed funding we have received so far from Arts Queensland and the Australia Council, we are working together to help make this new not-for- profit  Living Archives project as self- sustaining as possible moving forward into Stage Two throughout 2017- 2018.


ARI REMIX PROJECT Stage Two includes:

  1. growing, refining and nuancing 1980- 1990 content and resources,
  2. initial research into 1990-2000 artist-run heritage in Brisbane and throughout Queensland,
  3. enhanced content and resources, stories and data about artist-runs active and performative in Brisbane and Queensland from 2000 to now; the artist-run scene in Brisbane in 2017 is so vibrant and diverse with over thirty artist-runs active and nurturing one another today,
  4. and continuing the ongoing work we do each week to updating and maintaining the web site and developing web  database optimisation, housekeeping, debugging etc.


By way of interest, ARI REMIX PROJECT Stage Three is planned for 2018- 2019 and if audience, study and peer interest in the project continues to grow and build as it has so enthusiastically during the past two years we hope to extend, broaden and grow the 1980- 2000 artist-run heritage research interstate into ACT, SA, WA, NT, TAS, NSW and VIC in collaboration with many of the key players, movers, shakers and image makers in the artist-run scenes in these states and territories.


Please share this post with your friends, peers and networks who like you may also understand the deep value of growing and building the emergent field of living archives such as this one dedicated to Australian artist-run heritage, DIY culture and collaboration




Paul Andrew

ARI Remix Project, Living Archives Past Present Future

Artist & Project Co-ordinator.


All online donations are secured through PayPal. We would like to acknowledge your support here on the site, however please just send us a message if you wish to remain anonymous. 

Acknowledgements, gratitude & hugs to all our many peers, friends and supporters so far 🙂