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AXIS DOES GLOBAL, Postcard, 1988, AXIS ART PROJECTS, Designed by artist Adam Wolter

AXIS GOES GLOBAL, Postcard, 1988, AXIS ART PROJECTS [Art X-tremists International Syndicate – Does New York Exist? and Sites of Dis-closure], Designed by artist Adam Wolter

Welcome to the ARI REMIX LIVING ARCHIVES & SOCIAL MEMORY PROJECT peers, friends and supporters page.

Living Archives like this one are ‘ writing from below’ and contesting, upcycling and changing the old world of archives as we know them in the Web 2.0 environment. We believe that Living Archives just like this one can help expand knowledge and help artists, researchers, curators and future audiences.

As you may know by now a non-profit project on this scale is only made possible largely by the in-kind support of many and varied artists voices, co- creative skills and memories. We are asking for your kind support now by way of a modest donation to help us to sustain, maintain and manage ongoing expenses of  hosting and sharing this project, via the project’s secure paypal account

While we are immensely grateful for the modest seed funding we have received so far from Arts Queensland and the Australia Council, we are working together actively to help make this Living Archives project be web archived and digitally preserved ( a costly venture ) into the future for longer term preservation potential so these collective memories of ephemeral social practices are not lost ….thanking you 🙂


Paul Andrew

ARI REMIX LIVING ARCHIVES & SOCIAL MEMORY PROJECT; Australian Artist-Run Heritage, Past Present Future

Artist researcher & Project Co-ordinator.

Acknowledgements, gratitude & hugs to all our many kind and impassioned peers, friends and supporters so far , it’s a coalition of the willing that is making this archival retrieval and recovery project possible (2011-2021):)