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ARI Remix Newsletter | (Re) Presenting | Ten Year Anniversary Issue #1 | Summer 2021



Happy Mardi Gras 2021 🙂




We at ARI Remix collective hope all is as well as can be as this first issue of our Ten Year Anniversary newsletter lands in your email inbox.



It’s hard to believe it’s ten years ago this month when artist curator Peter Anderson [thanks for everything dear PA], media artist John Waller and I met at Brunettis Cafe on Swanston Street in Melbourne to chat about planning towards the Ephemeral Traces museum exhibition held at the University of Queensland Art Museum [UQAM] in 2016. ARI Remix emerged from these cafe discussions – and way too many piccolo coffees and biscotti – as a complementary DIY activist archive project. In November 2012 we created a social media open group here to reconnect with a collective of artists interested and involved in Brisbane’s emergent artist-run space ecology in the late 1970s and 1980s.In March 2014 we launched ‘The Remix Project” online.  It is currently being captured by the Internet archive here for which we are truly grateful.



This shared Covid experience has been a good time to sift through the analogue archives and locate hidden artists’ ephemera, exhibition documentation, photos, super 8 films, audio interviews and write a few blog posts about Australian artist-run cultural heritage. We thought we’d share a few highlights this month from the collaborative work happening behind the scenes during this third and final installment of Project 1 on the DIY ARI Remix archival initiative this year. A quick reminder that the next deadline for artists’ memory blog posts is March 26 2021.



(Re) Presenting 2021 features a new weekly podcast series Sonic Sketchbooks and a feature interview with artist Gary Warner…




(Re) Presenting 2021 | Sonic Sketchbooks | A Weekly Podcast | ARI Remix feature interview with artist Gary Warner



Artist designer Angelina Martinez and Paul Andrew sat down for an impromptu interview with John Griffin [DJ Johnny G] recently to chat about some of many the overlaps between music, art, activism and popular culture in Brisbane in the 1980s and 1990s, and an insight into John’s involvement with Brisbane’s fab Mod scene in the 1960s as a brazen teen…




(Re) Presenting John Griffin (DJ Johnny G) | Brisbane Entrepreneur, DJ and social observer | December 2020



Happy International Women’s Day 2021 | Flesh after Fifty will bring to the fore images that need revisiting or have been overlooked, plus 10 new commissioned art installations that explore social issues, health and empowerment of older women.


Flesh after Fifty Changing images of older women in Art | 7 March – 11 April 2021



Artists Courtney Coombs and Jordan Azcune at Schmick with ‘diamonds in the sky’ …



‘Diamonds in the sky’ by Courtney Coombs and Jordan Azcune [706 George Street, Haymarket]



This collaborative exhibition celebrates diverse family legacies in the City of Logan. Photographer Shehab Uddin has worked with local families to develop this exhibition. Reconnect memories links old, archival family portraits with newly created image



Artist Shehab Uddin | Reconnect memories – a family history | 3rd March to 17th April 2021 | Logan Art Gallery


Wrecker’s Art Space | Opening Night Event with special guest performances:
Thursday 11th March, 6-9PM


Luminescent Iridescent | Wreckers Artspace, 11-14 March 2021




Art fluctuates in the way it shows itself…


‘Little Red Threads’ by artist Natasha Wills February 2021



EXTRA Zine Launch | Melbourne Art Book Fair NGV


EXTRA is an Australian networked zine collaboration


EXTRA Zine | Launch | Melbourne Art Book Fair 2021 | March 26-28 NGV


ARI Remix [2011-2021]  is a passion project with ten thousand hours of enthusiasm volunteerism involved to make it happen and stay online. Thanks to everyone who is helping with this year’s crowdfunding campaign we are getting closer to the $7,500.00 goal to help preserve the archives and help offset the monthly digital infrastructure, web hosting and IT fees. We are extremely grateful for your generosity and thoughtfulness!!!!

Help Preserve ARI Remix Community Archives Project



Image [Header] : Razar, Poster, Courtesy Angelina Martinez archives











I started writing about Activities from my own memory but soon realized that I needed connection with other people from that time…


Student Union Cultural Activities in the 1980s – A Collective Memoir – Dianne Heenan




My boyfriend Robert and I are invited to our neighbour Thina’s 21st Birthday. It’s a costume party and is to be held on the pool deck of Brisbane’s newly opened Hilton Hotel…



No Frills* archives


No Frills*





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