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“The Surrendering” and “Saturday Morning” | A brief reflection by Dale Chapman

Ok here goes … Saturday Morning – audio from a cassette recording and The Surrendering – video from Super 8.

“Saturday Morning” – a remembering of sorts …

This sound piece was recorded at 1/77 Hillside Crescent on a Saturday morning in the mid 80’s on cassette.[click here to listen]

It was a remarkably acoustic affair.
Clarinet, guitars, harmonica, voice and …
bashing around a Stooges riff

The music was not made to be recorded or even listened to again .. it was ‘of the moment’ … or ‘at the time’ …

Why were we there?
It could have been after an opening, a gig and a party – either or all of the above … maybe some had been sleeping on the couch …

Who was there?
Some people lived in the apartment, some next door, some upstairs, some visiting …
maybe Allen F, Richard C, Eugene C, me and six or nine others.

What do I remember?
I remember people having fun, enjoying the moment, lounging in the front room (which was quite large with lots of seating and views down to the river) and bashing away at acoustic guitars and other assorted things.

“The Surrendering” – video from a Super 8mm film

This was shot in 1982 in Highgate Hill and Musgrave Park.
It was a first year art school project.

I was listening to Xero’s record ‘Lust in the Dust’ and thought that the last track, ‘The Surrendering’ could offer some prompts and fallbacks for my inane attempts at editing super 8 and POV shots.

Living with the very fear of change …

So I asked my old Cairns school friend Glenn Perry, actor, musician and your everyday existentialist, well versed in Sartre, Artaud and country music to help me out.

As it is now you have to play the audio when the clip starts. I recently got permission from Irena to use the song, but that will be another process…







Click the track here in synch with video file above for the full experience.






Lust in the Dust
. . . . .
Artist Xero
Type EP
Released April 1982


Xero (2) – Lust In The Dust

Label: M Squared – M 2019
Vinyl, 12″, Mini-Album
Country: Australia
Genre: ElectronicRock
Style: New WaveSurf
A1 The Girls
A2 Crazy Eddie
A3 The Misfits
B1 Love And Anarchy
B2 Every Kiddy Gets A Prize
B3 The Surrendering
Companies, etc.
Recorded at Basement Studios, Brisbane.
A4 insert included.



Dale Chapman has been making noise and noise emitting instruments forever. Hearing shapes in sound, seeing sound in shapes and then playing them back… some projects include blutack, Klunk, The Vessel Project, The Sharawadji Effect, Darko, The Drunken Boat and most recently Tell Me Strangely.