Trance Plant, Omniscient Collective, Brisbane Powerhouse in Ruins, 1994 – A Memory by Artist Meagan Mendels

Trance Plant 1994



Brisbane Powerhouse






1994 In the then disused New Farm Power House Brisbane – local artist collective Omniscient presented TRANCE PLANT – a large scale performance & installation theatre event culminating in a ten night season of up to one hundred performers per night.



Guy Mansfield, 2011



Email from Artist Meagan Mendels




Hi Paul, I’m Meagan. I’ve been encouraged to contact you as I have some black and white photos that I took at the Trance Plant event back when the Powerhouse was a ruin. My son is studying Creative Industries and showed these photos to his teacher who suggested you would be interested to see them.


In 1994 I was a photography student. Jay Younger was my lecturer and brought me and a few others along to document it. I might have photographed you! Not all of the photos are great, some with some dust and underexposed but I thought you would like to see them all anyway.


I hope they evoke some nice memories too.












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