Trace of the Past – Why Ephemera Matters – Artist-Runs, Ephemera & Ephemeral Tracing – Fryer Library-led Discussion UQ

Curator Michele Helmich – UQAM



A panel discussion about ephemera – exhibition invitations, leaflets, posters and other transient documents – and why the ephemeral trace provides a special insight into the past. Led by Fryer Library’s Simon Farley, speakers include curator of ‘ephemeral traces: Brisbane’s artist-run scene in the 1980s’ Peter Anderson, artist and collector Malcolm Enright, Fryer Library Librarian Cassie Doyle, and curator of ‘Barjai and Miya Studio’ Michele Helmrich.

An International Museum Day event presented by UQ Art Museum in partnership with Fryer Library and Art Monthly Australasia.
Recorded 18 May 2016, UQ Art Museum.